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Lorelei Books is a locally owned independent bookstore dedicated to a love of literacy and learning

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We donate profits from sales to support the public library, tutoring programs, and arts and creative non-profits.

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“Books took me to places I could never go otherwise. They shared the confessions of people I’d never met and lives I’d never witnessed.”

— Won-pyung Sohn

– About Us

Nestled in the heart of historic downtown Vicksburg, Lorelei Books has been enchanting bibliophiles since 2006. Situated on Washington Street, a bustling hub adjacent to the majestic Mississippi River, our locally owned independent bookstore stands as a beacon of literary discovery. Dedicated to fostering a love of literacy and learning, we invite you to immerse yourself in our carefully curated collection and experience the rich culture and heritage of Vicksburg.

– Author Signings

We’re thrilled to host author signings! Stay updated on upcoming events via our Facebook page. To request a signing, kindly provide a book cover photo, details on retail and wholesale costs, and a PDF excerpt of at least one chapter.

– Special Orders

We happily take special orders and deeply appreciate those who support us, helping to sustain our local shop.


  • Can I sell my used books at your store?

    Absolutely! We buy and trade used books. Bring in your gently used books, and our knowledgeable staff will assess them for purchase or trade-in credit.

  • Do you host author events or book signings?

    Yes, we regularly host author events and book signings. Check our events calendar or follow us on social media for upcoming events.

  • Do you offer book reservations or special orders?

    Yes, we regularly host author events and book signings. Check our events calendar or follow us on social media for upcoming events.

  • How can I support your bookstore?

    There are several ways to support us! You can shop in-store or online, participate in our events, spread the word about our store to friends and family, or simply share your positive.


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Nestled in the heart of historic downtown Vicksburg, our quaint bookshop stands as a beacon…

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Fun and quaint bookstore in downtown Vicksburg...

Fun and quaint bookstore in downtown Vicksburg. They have a decent collection of books in various genres like fiction, history, cooking, southern culture and heritage, sports, politics and also books for kids. I like their collection of used books. These are books that have been donated to them and all profits from the sales are given away to charity. You never knew when you can find a rare gem in that nook. On top if everything, if you have the best coffeeshop in town next order, what more do you need to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon!

Sourav Dutta
Always willing to order books for you...

This is a great book shop that is local and supports a local store owner. Nice selection of books and a few games too. There are also some board games out that you can play if you want just ask. Store owner is really kind and helpful and is always willing to order books for you. Convenient location in downtown vicksburg near the Lower Mississippi River Museum. If you want coffee just head next door to the coffee shop. Reccomend to come by when visiting Vicksburg.

Cory Parks
Customer Service

We stopped in Vicksburg on a cross-country roadtrip, and our visit to Lorelei's was a highlight. The store is small so the owner has to be selective, and she has hit a home run. The books by local authors and of local interest are a highlight. This clearly is a labor of love and I so appreciated that this store was available to residents and tourists alike. Do go there if you are in Vicksburg, you won't forget it.

Jennifer A.


ommunity-driven Vicksburg native, dedicated to fostering literacy and lifelong learning.

Meet Kelle, a proud native of Vicksburg, Mississippi, where she has deep roots and a strong connection to the community. As a devoted mother of three adult children and two grandchildren, family holds a special place in her heart.

Kelle’s educational journey has taken her far and wide. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in magazine journalism from the University of Texas at Austin in 1983, followed by a Master of Science degree in communications management from Syracuse University in New York in 2001. Her academic pursuits reflect her passion for effective communication and storytelling.

A graduate of Warren Central High School in 1979, Kelle’s professional experience spans various fields, reflecting her diverse skill set and commitment to continuous learning. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role, ensuring that our bookstore remains a vibrant and integral part of the community.